Mindfulness Dialogue for Life (MDfL)

Mindfulness-Dialogue (M-D) brings together the practices of Mindfulness and Dialogue in a way that enriches both and creates a powerful method for accessing richer connections and deeper meaning in our own personal lives and in all our interactions. 1.5-day retreats on Mindfulness and Dialogue for Life– that are designed for but not limited to therapists, counselors, nurses, social workers, teachers, physicians, clergy, and social service staff. Diane and Danny introduce you to the practices of Mindfulness and Dialogue for Life (DfL) that will enable you to use brief meditation practices and dialogue skills to enhance your ability to befriend yourself and improve your interactions with clients, patients, students, and co-workers. Gentle yoga movements will complement this comprehensive approach.

Philadelphia Providers and Resources
Contact Name: Daniel Martin, Diane Abatemarco
Email: danann0305@gmail.com